Repairs and Maintenance

12 Month / 12,000 Mile Warranty on Everything

VW / Audi / Porsche Repairs

⋅Timing Belts

On most VWs and Audis the timing belt should be replaced every 100,000 miles (or 8 years). Neglecting this can cause the timing belt to break, jump or slip and cause the engine to need much more serious repair – in some cases even require a new engine.

⋅Water Pump

A not-properly functioning water pump could cause the engine to overheat and damage the head gasket. There are several ways the water pump could fail (leak, bearings, impailer, etc). Any fluctuation in coolant temperature should be immediately addressed.

⋅Wheel Bearing, CV Boots, Tie Rod Ends, Etc

Very often strange clunking noises or grinding while turning is one of these things. All of them are relatively common and quick repairs.

⋅VW/Audi/Porsche Transmission Service

All of the DSG Transmissions are equipped with a Dual Mass Flywheel and will eventually become noisy and need to be replaced. Failure to replace could result in major damage to the transmission (gearbox).

⋅Engine Rebuild / Service

It is crucial to address all leaks, noises and rattles that come from the engine compartment as soon as they are noticed. Failure to do so could result in major damage.

⋅Ignition Coils / Coil Packs

Flashing “Check Engine Light” could indicate Ignition Coil failure.

⋅Mass Airflow Sensor

Rough idle, misfire, stalling, low power… all could be symptoms of a MAS that has gone bad.

Scheduled Maintenance

⋅Full Vehicle Inspection (Free with Any Service)

Our goal is to keep your car running as smoothly and without surprises for as long as possible. With every car that we work on, we go over the whole car and let you know what issues might be coming up, so you’re never caught off guard or left on the side of the road.

⋅DSG Transmission Service / Repair

Many of the VWs/Audis/Porsches are equipped with a DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox). it is recommended that you service the oil and filter about every 40k miles.

⋅Oil Changes (most cars $69)

We use only factory recommended oil and oil filters (Mann, Liqui Moly or Castrol Edge). Most oil manufacturers recommend oil changes every 5,000 miles. For Customers with APG stickers Every 4th oil change if FREE (some Restrictions apply).

⋅Brake Job / Service

If you change your brakes before the rotors get damaged, most times you can reuse your rotors.

⋅AC Service

Driving around in the summer without AC is no fun.

⋅VW/Audi 40k, 80k Service

This the “major tune-up” … see below.

⋅Minor Tune-Up

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter
  • Pollen or Air Filter (depends on mileage)
  • Tire Rotation

⋅Major Tune-Up

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter
  • Pollen or Air Filter (depends on mileage)
  • Tire Rotation
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Filter

Preventative Maintenance

⋅Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Got a warning light on and don’t know why?

⋅Full System Flushes and Conditioning

Fluids get old and need to be flushed out and replaced every once in a while. Other systems get buildup and deposits. Whether it’s a flush or conditioning, we have the right additives and tools to help prolong the life of all your systems. Some common systems include:

Performance Upgrades

⋅Better Gas Mileage

Most people think of “Chip Tuning” in terms of adding power, but with most tunes now, especially with Tdi’s customers are seeing up to 8mpg gains. One of my customers did a Malone 1+ tune on his 2012 Golf Tdi and now sees 55mpg regularly on the interstate. Feel free to ask about your car and we can see what can be done.

  • GIAC
  • Malone
  • Eurodyne

⋅Performance Chip Tuning

Depending on what kind of performance you are looking for, we have a couple options. Each vendor’s tune varies slightly and will produce slightly different results. Tell us what you are looking for and we can help you choose the right tune for your car.

⋅Hardware / Parts Upgrades

Common upgrades include:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Interior Safety Modifications
  • Exterior Body Modifications
  • Turbo Upgrades / Kits
  • Supercharger Upgrades / Kits
  • DPF Delete
  • Motor / Trans Mount Kits
  • Clutch Systems
  • Custom Engine Builds